Instagram Paulaner Story Sticker Download


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Instagram Paulaner Story Sticker Step by Step Guide




1.    First, download the "Unzip" app from the App Store. You will need it to unzip the Paulaner sticker elements.


2.      Now download the .zip file including the story stickers for free from the Paulaner Fan-Shop and open it in the "Unzip" app. Tap on "Edit" and select all files in the folder. By tapping on the middle icon in the bottom bar, you’ll be able to unzip the files and save them automatically in your photo gallery. For a better overview, you can now store and sort all story elements in a separate photo album in the "Photos" app.


3.       Now create your Instagram Story. Switch to the "Photos" app as soon as the story is ready.


4.       Select the story sticker you want to use and copy it. To do so, tap the left icon in the bottom bar and select "Copy Photo".


5.       Now switch back to Instagram. At the bottom left, the copied story element appears along with the notification "Add sticker".


6.       You can now zoom in, zoom out or rotate the story element like any other story sticker. Just place it where you want it to be.






1.       First, download the „RAR“ and „Swift Key“ apps from the Google Play Store. You will need them to extract the sticker elements and insert them into your Instagram Story. Activate "Swift Key" and add it to your keyboards.